About Us
The Great Oak Association in Rovereto 

Has been active since 2008 thanks to the commitment of a group of people united by the same ecological and cultural vision of life. By ecology, we mean a conscious and responsible lifestyle that integrates the development of civilization with the environment in a sustainable way. Our cultural vision firmly believes in a peaceful coexistence of all cultures, at the center of which there is human dignity. Human rights are the red thread that has united and guided the artistic, educational and training paths of the Association over the years, through which they have shaped humanitarian projects towards the peoples of Africa.

Our Identity

We feel part of that worldwide movement that fights for the recognition of all human rights proclaimed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to which adhere the Foundation R.F. Kennedy, Emergency, Medecins Sans Frontieres, Amnesty International etc .. and we donate them all the proceeds of our theater activities.

Our Mission

Through our activities, we intend to give voice to the overlooked human rights and to work concretely to foster initiatives aimed at the weakest parts of the population, for their social redemption, also through Advocacy, in the area of human rights, international cooperation, generative welfare, subsidiarity, solidarity, sustainable development, growth and cultural enrichment of the new generations.