President Elisabetta Murdaca, why a trip to Kenya?
In the autumn of 2016, the Association was working on a training project for African refugees in Europe. By confronting and meeting different entities and personalities who know the migratory phenomenon very well, the clear answer I received was "You can’t understand Africa if you haven’t been there." So on November 6th 2016, I left for Nairobi to conduct a one-month volunteer experience.

Where have you been?
Cristiano Tomasini, you have been a member of the Association for several years and executive director of this project. Why Moringa for all?
On December 8, 2016 John Mpaliza, after having traveled 1300 km with his march for peace, crossed the doors of the European Parliament in Brussels, together with a large group of human rights advocates, including a representative of our Association, Nicoletta Corradi, Democratic Republic of Congo project coordinator.
This was her speech.
Photographic exhibition "The Victims of Our Wealth" by Stefano Stranges from 10th to 25th February 2017
c/o Urban Center - Rosmini, 58   Rovereto (Trento)

In March 2017, Paola Baldin and Rosella Graziola, members of the Association went to Robe, Ethiopia.

Rosella Graziola, when was the idea of ​​this journey born?
About a year ago, when we knew that Don Andrea Toniolo, Head of the National Service for the Higher Studies of Theology and Religious Sciences of the CEI (Italian Bishops' Conference), had been in Robe's Apostolic Prefecture to meet his dear friend and former bishop of Padua Antonio Matiazzo, who is there as a missionary.

In April 2017, Lidia Spagnolli, a member of the Association, went to Zambia.
This is the article published by Risto 3, about his experience.


Our colleague Lidia Spagnolli tells us about her volunteer period in Zambia. Lidia is part of the "Big Oak", a Social Promotion Association that with Koinonia Zambia is partner of Koinonia Community Kenya for an agricultural development project.